Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Zumba FDW

OMG. I haven't been this sweaty since last night's sex! I'm actually all sticky and smelly and purple :D I love it! What some of these women can do with their stamina is absurd! If we assume I've moved only half the amount otherwise expected, my calves continuously stinging like a bitch, and having the fitness of a senior citizen snail, I didn't do half bad compared to my other strenuous activities (when alone and fully behind the computer). Walking the mutt 8 miles a day every day isn't good enough. The damn legs still hurt too much.
         So, Zumba is this salsa-like booty shaking, arms butterflying, half capoeira half ballet thingie with very loud music (Ricky Martin not amiss) and an instructor that seems to eat, drink, breathe and wash her teeth with Speed. I have to find something to do beforehand, because by the time it's finished, I'm just getting groovy. I think I will make this into one of my investments. It certainly is something to do before you get home all hyper and jumpy and your husband is half interested in going out for a summer evening walk with the doggie. How about an evening run? Also I could murder a coffee ice-cream right now :D