Tuesday, 1 March 2011

General's gone off to one of his night shifts, as today the horde is handling pensions and that means a whole new level of chaos, and I cannot go back to sleep without him. 3am is a little early even for me, but as all my errands fall into the morning part of the day, when I am fit no matter what, I'll just rise and finish the showdown on my tale of love and voe and lots of photos in North Korea, featuring the good-enough-to-eat Kim Samiho... Sex with the General last night was perfect to inspire me to write why and how things went wrong between the characters, due to one vehement and passionate night under the stars. It truly goes to show that the men which are most dangerous and most to themselves, are the best when you get them alone for a few minutes. But after that, all Hell breaks lose and if one is not able to handle it, then stay the fuck out of North Korea.