Sunday, 27 March 2011

An excellent saturday.

Another one of those picturesque crossroads farms underneath the hills that  am so very fond of lately

Though quite busy, it was another Saturday spent as days should be spent: triumphant, educational, outdoorsy, among friends, with yummy food and teaching the dog a new trick :D It was supposed to be stretched over the whole weekend, but Saturday was the only real sunny day scheduled, so we crammed it all in one go.
        In the morning I trekked again with the mutt and ran into one of my models. It reminded me of the days when I was in such great shape that I could run practically without limit - the effort no longer drained but instead fueled me with energy. That was basically the vital part of my evening in the Vipava army training period, where, like a horse, I literally needed to cool down. At first it sucked, of course, but after a few weeks I simply ran for hours, until the evening set, then got back, showered and passed out. 
         After the General returned, I got my first real lesson in making bullets. Like cameras, guns are put together by several delicate pieces: you need an excellent gun, yes, but you also need an excellent spyglass and then you require an excellent bullet. And there are a LOT of bullets. I felt so tiny and stupid, listening to the explanations of the difference in the quality of the casing and then the weight of the point and then the quality and the amount of the powder. NOT the caliber - no - this was all the same bullet, but how it is built. Now, of course if you ask me about the camera, the lenses or even Warcraft, I can be just as good with these numbers, but although I am so very passionate about sharpshooting, I am still embarrassingly ignorant of some of these stats.
          Although!... Then we went to the range, high above the valley, and met with the supervisor of the hunter's training area on top of a hill. The land there was so very lovely - we drove through regions I have never seen before and the tiny farmsteads, the huge ancient castle ruins on top of some hills, the little white churches and the forests with trees the size of rockets... If you asked me to WALK over it, I would gladly. The men first calibrated the bullet to the rifle as I spiraled around them with the dog, so she would get used to the noise. Starbark isn't gunshot shy, she is just cautious. When the shot sounds, she looks up, checks with me if all is okay and then checks where the General is, then waits for her treat, as I keep treating her for every time she doesn't panic :)
          Then it was my turn to shoot. Needles to say I remain supreme :D Even standing up, with that heavy device, and panting from running, I remain supreme. It's honestly no wonder the army officers never allowed me to use the sharpshooter's rifles, as I would embarrass the men so grievously. I am nowhere as good with a heavy handgun, because it hurts me way too much and after ten shots with a magnum I can barely make a fist (especially after double action, ugh! :s ), which made for some very interesting flower-picking afterwards, but things still get pierced. I'd have to try it again with Beretta, which was my favorite in the army, and have not had the opportunity to use since. Haha, the supervisor complained how his wife always bested him also and I told him a secret that women see worse when menstruating, so he should challenge her when she's in those days, and the two men looked at one another and replied: a hero has not yet been born who would dare put a gun in the woman's hands when she's menstruating.
     Quite true :P
         On our way back, we stopped by a buddy who checked the undercarriage of the car, which I supposedly broke, but as it turns out, the impact was just noisy - it was in no evident way destructive. Which is a stone off my chest. After driving flawlessly for 500 miles, I fuck the car up in the parking lot...
         The poker night, for all of us being a bit tired like a dog became a chat-and-dip-the-nachos-in-great-dipping night, during which the ladies chirped and chatted like we always do and men were trying to keep up to no veil, hehe. Poor suckers. Though, having observed the General surrounded by male company of people he's known a long time, I get to see him alive and happy like he isn't often while operating in the serious world. LoL, I especially loved how one of his mates that we met while driving in the countryside yelled at him: By God you are ugly, I wouldn't even DARE to go hunting with you in the woods anymore!!
          Ah, the courage of some men indeed! :D