Saturday, 19 March 2011

Girls night out

Fridays are becoming quite an upturn for my social life. Well, in the bigger picture  :D  It just feels so oddly good to go out, pretend it's warm, stroll and talk about stuff that men would never talk about in a million years  :P  And then we meet in a bar and there we talked some more until the music started - so loud (though amazingly appealing. Some don't sound half as good if listened to on room temperature  :ppp) that I can STILL hear it. We had to communicate writing semi absurd semi obscene and semi entirely silly statements on the back of our tabs, or with mime. Which can turn ugly :)pThere was also a bizarre episode with a canned bit of nuts (that I do not recommend) and a song playing during had the punch-line 'Just put my nuts in your mouth' that seemed to really fit at the time. We certainly all sat up like candles when we realized what we're hearing :))) It's been eons since I got home at one and spent another hour editing the uber underlit, blurry, psychedelic pickies  :D  All in all the girls nights out FDW. 8)  Even if we do need the rest of the weekend to regain out fit, old wives that we are :P