Friday, 4 March 2011

I think I may have *dreamed* of smells for the first time in my life that I'm aware of. I kept waking up, thinking General's tattoo has gone putrid and everything reeks of rotting tattoo ink... I actually woke him up few minutes before the alarm and told him I'll disinfect the spot again before he goes to work and when we checked the tattoo it was perfect, not even red and not at all smelling of anything but vaseline we coated it in... Funny, how thorough the night, I kept smelling it so awful...

But on the good side, now the sun rises at 6:3o and Starbark and I can skip out for a morning walk and be back by lots before 8-ish. That's almost excellent. Soon I'll be able to go on my walks at 5 and be back by 6 and THEN do my WoW dailies :)) Miss summer! Miss it!!