Thursday, 17 March 2011

Feeling better. I should have gone out sooner, but this isn't the weather to pursue a reason to live outdoors. Man&Dog went to the first day of school 2.0, so the General told me to go out with a friend as not to be left behind alone. Things are certainly returning to normal - he even told me off afterwards for sinning. (I go out with a gorgeous woman and my shameful sin is a piece of cake. Literally. Fuck I'm old :s)p
          This is what my heart looks now:

It's small, patched, cracked and ugly, but it is there. I've finished the short smut story about sadistic sex crazed drug addicts, so that's that... I also figured it out how to explain what an iPad is. For Pete'ssakes - it's a *pad*. Like a notepad? Just a 21st century one. You probably couldn't launch a space shuttle with it or paint the Mona Lisa, but playing Plants Vs. Zombies while facetiming with your Australian mate, on a buss to a museum you've come prepared for... It's a pad. With monster movies in it.

Okay, just for the fact that mine is by far the prettiest Beagle ever - though I re-stress at this point I am a lot more than simply "a dog owner and a WoW player" - I feel alright. Counting backwards days until spring, when I will be hoarding out my models to spill naked over lush landscapes for my Mark, and when I will be able to paint more like a raving soul and less like a machine... All Zemotion's photos are deep dark blue lately. Perhaps we should not have ceased respecting the Kurents so lightly. Someone's got to get rid of the chill.