Thursday, 24 March 2011

I always forget how great it is to work outdoors, because I am always so reluctant to leave my castle - but it is. Today was an excellent case in point. Not just for the morning walk with the mut, in frosty mist hour, 

but also in the afternoon. We had a small warm-up spring trial photoshoot by the lake and the light was glorious. Even the drive there, Starbark mesmerized by the expirience of sitting on my knees while in the front of the car, ears flapping from the opened window, and the scenery and the bunch of young 'fishermen' who all wanted me to see their mobile photos of their various dogs :)) We shot for two hours while the sun was setting, blinded by the gold in the sky. It was SO rejuvenating. No way I could replicate such wild brightness in a studio - almost too much of it, and hard to tame. But it was a great day to be a photographer. And on the way back the model sang along to radio songs with such a glass bell voice, and the farmhouses passed us by, in the evening twilight, until we reached the city, busier than it's been since the winter began. Everyone was wearing skimpy clothes, half the people were on bikes. It was perfect :D