Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bled roadtrip

Been EONS since I've driven for so long and so far and in such ridiculously (cold and) colorful weather. Man, Kodak moments galore indeed! I'm thinking about starting a new blog just about the travels, so I don't have to stick 40 pictures in this one every time I walk out of the door in sunlight :P I'll b sure to note if I do :))

Bled is one of those super picturesque places with lots of posh old villas and spas and casinos and lake birds and the like, that has been photoed five gazillion times, but hey. Hasn't everything pretty? :p And Mags hasn't been to Kranjska gora yet, which is famous among any ski enthusiast, so we included those ends in our route. I drove so nicely, having gotten lost only twice and indeed wish we would have had a bigger car so as to be able to take more people and at least one more dog :)))

Here are some, oh, two dozen or so pickies of nothing too original and oh so fun to take ::D

 * This isn't a swan egg, it's a really cool dinosaur chewing gum :P But it seemed fitting :))