Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I've been making an effort to write a poem as bad as the ones I heard last night. here are my so far established three stages.
I. just write anything, anything at all, that pops into the brain at random

The spiral neon light shines
Dog is barking out of loneliness. Too much coffee.
An atom of silence escapes into the current
While I'm shitting in my blue bathroom.

II. now cut and reorder...

The spiral blue dog needs coffee
While an atom of loneliness shines
on me shitting into the current
of my silent neon bathroom

III... and shake a lot.

An atom of a barking dog needs coffee
White loneliness is shitting in a spiral
of blue silence shining into the current
of my escaping neon bathroom.

.... and you get high art.
Jesus fuck.


andreja jezernik said...

I like the shake alot version. And if you ever manage to look at poetry without your cinical overcoat, you may find out, that it's quite fun. You don't need as much time as writing prose and you get to play with words in your one way! Try some more! :D :D

andreja jezernik said...

ups ... cynical

Pix said...

Hehe, yeah, I got it the first time :))
Perhaps to see it like this - playing with words - it makes sense, but still. It would be a long way before I would call it art. Could be I'm just old school. Or just old :P