Wednesday, 30 March 2011


In a rush: a great day, half spent drooling lazily into the pillow, still slightly awestruck from last night's zumba; half at a photo shoot with Kimi and Franka at the Heraclium: a powerful small ruin on the other side of the river bank that not everyone knows is there and is quite wonderful... And for the finish line, a coffee&cake with Franka, which I wouldn't mind at all having for a new coffee&cake friend. The afternoon went by in a flash!! It was almost eight by the time I got home, just as the General was returning. He went straight to bed, back on his night shift timetable, which is a good thing, as then he won't see what treats I got in turn for taking pics of pretty girls! Sometimes my life's just bumblebee-ish!! :D