Saturday, 5 March 2011

Movies update

I FINALLY found the Korean TV comedy that I've seen once a long time ago and then could never find it again (mainly cause I didn't know what it was called.) Well, it's called Couple or Trouble. Downloading what I can now :))

Also watched Tron and then just listened to it, because even though the visual are super cool, the music is what did it for me in this project. Especially those deep, ugly, machine's breathing tones, like when at first the 'police' comes to get the 'rogue program/Sam'...  Well done, Daft Punk. I got a tummy ache (if I had to bet money, I'd say I managed to clog my intestine with all that seedy, healthy food. Blewch :s)


But How to Train Your Dragon is beyond cool. I wept for the most of it and then just stared at it for the other bits, laughed, cheered and jumped around. I kept squeezing Starbark so badly her kidneys came out of her ears from time to time. I just loved it. Loved the music, loved the voiced, LOVED the story. I should probably invoke the spirit of Tove Janssen and my own lore and come up with a story like this. Something really basic and transcendent. About how, when you are fighting for something you believe in, you really don't feel fear or weakness. That was so so lovely. 

While browsing for the wallpapers, I found this pic of a Chinese earthquake reportage. Pretty dam great pic. Dunno the author, sorry.