Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I'm attempting to slowly rebuild my mental health. It's slow going. For now every slightest bit disturbs me, most things sadden me and the rest depress me, so I have to convince myself I'm a little bit autistic and just be in awe of one thing at a time and not think about anything else. Yesterday I went with the General to place rock salt in the forest for the animals and while he was fixing it upon the trees, I poked around a creek for an hour, looking for different kinds of sand, silt and clay. Since that App commercial for Theodore Gray's chemistry and since David Liittschwager's photo of biodiversity for the Edward O. Wilson's article, I've revoked my passion for minute stone grains in their natural environment and plan to make my own iPad App with lots of pretty pickies on the subject. I also painted myself in summer mode. You can't see the Mark, the Kindle and the Pad (or the knitting), but they're in the bag  :p