Thursday, 22 October 2009

After having tried out a new template (this one is just not *right*... But it's the closest so far. I need to figure out how Zhang Jingna is using the same sort, only wider..) and naturally messing up my whole layout, I think I finally got it back more-less.. Yesterday was NOT a day for electricity related subjects. I saw a really badly made movie, like, REALLY bad and felt almost sorry for Daryl Hannah, though I don't like her at all. LoL, Tarantino truly made her a disfavor, casting her as Elle - now every role she makes hence forward seems pathetic.
            Next was my absurd DC (disconnection) from WoW (and we're abandoning the realm of English now and entering Warcraft speech) in the midst of WG battle - the serves just failed to support that kind of onslaught under the influence of G.N.E.R.D.S......... Sorry, but I really can't explain what that is - if you're into WoW, you know, if not, it'll make no sense whatsoever.  >.<). During the screen-freeze and by the time I was able to log on again, I had achieved three BG dailies and a seasonal ach, dying and luckily thus being transported out of the fortress, which was by then under ally regime.. It would NOT be too pleasant to log back on and find yourself in the midst of celebrating alliance.. Gang rape fails to describe it.
           I am also still unable to draw, but I am passing time arranging photos, checking out other people's blogs and managing three of my own now... Go me! I'm starting to miss prose but by the time I get anything done, the painting will kick in again and I'll be left with another literus interruptus.
Uuu, but my plank samples arrived today! The samples of thingies the beehive panel designs will be printed on - sanded out and all rough and spruce smelling.. Very nice stuff. I am very pleased, as I had no ieda what to expect. We simply HAVE to do this right, even if none of us knows what we're doing. If we'll present these panels to mayors and bank managers and big newspaper editors, they need to be majestic!