Saturday, 31 October 2009

Kind of like a Day of the Dead for me, as I don't really celebrate Hallowe'en as such, I am just conscious of it. Mostly I just drive to the family graves a day ahead to beat the road rush.

Drive was so pretty. Cold, but so clear and so scenic. This country is damn beautiful. When my dad was young and had this cool editor, the editor would ask all field reporters to take photos of all crossroads marks, crucifixes and suchlike.. The favorite entry of mine in my favorite book also talks of a similar man - a professor from the capital, who either chose or was sent to the countryside instead and there established a fire brigade, 'farm women' society, bee-keepers club, he documented all folk songs, dances, local rural customs, photographed all landmarks, and so forth... My kind of a man, certainly.

Driving, Piček and I fantasized about trips we'll be taking, driving around, taking photos, stopping in cool towns.. I could plot a whole Europe two-month road trip from the top of my head, for every day. My dad's village is in this quaint, very pretty area and we always stop at some relatives or friends or whatever they are and it's never a bother, because the lady of the house makes a killer strudel.

It was a lovely day. We're too lazy to make actual trips, although we have ample energy to conjure and plot them :p With bikes, hiking, driving, even with kites, lol. Summer, winter, epic, heroic, you name it :D