Friday, 2 October 2009

Why are shows lately better than movies, why I don't care about extinctions and why I wouldn't mind being frozen for 5000 years..

Personally, I am not a fan of environmentalists. I have zero compassion for people who insist on staying hardcore primitive and all around them world is changing. Why should everyone else adapt to those who refuse to change? Things change. I like the fact we're changing. I like evolution, I like the philosophy of it. I like living in this age, when I remember toilet paper still being impossibly uncomfortable and journalists sending messages via a thingie that used a punctured paper strip and now sitting on the toilet, reading about phones coming out that have koi ponds in them. We are changing the environment, the climate, soon even the solar system and other planets and I am very proud of that. This world is very willing to change, too. Of course some think it's best to keep it in some stabile state that may have been or may not have been some time ago, but I am fairly certain they're like those archeologists who think middle ages were quaint. We are the dominant species do jour and while we're here, world is ours. One of these days, give or take a few thousand years, we'll be gone and our ambitions will be overgrown and forgotten. Nature won't even blink. Urbanism here, pollution there, boo hoo. How did this planet feel when ferns first came to town and totally overthrew the climate, making it full of oxygen and totally without sulfur? Radical change!! Turn it back!! Seriously..

As bad as it may be for some, machines and things that last only a short while are modern now. Factory workers refuse to understand that their time is over. Of course 15o years ago it took a whole village to school one man and now everyone is schooled and nobody wants to do grunt work. Society around me hosts 100.000 unemployed within this crisis and not a single person willing to work for a living. Where are the times when a craftsman needed a whole family of support to work day and night and paid pennies to his sweepers and wood choppers.. Now if I want someone to do my lesser tasks perish the thought I'd force them to sing for their supper! Nooo, everyone wants a great job, easy work, lots of doe, right now, right here.

Things are happening so quickly, that the whole culture, whole planet (except those with their heads insistently in the sand) chokes on daily basis. Does anyone - again, referring to those who actually know how to read - remember what was the immortal hit 5 years ago? What revolutionary product that was going to change our lives was on top of the list? Which book was considered instant classic? There are SO many now, it is SO easy to succeed, but you've got to be prepared to last only a second. Trick is how to make the most of it while it lasts and then change and start all over again.

My former video-rent boss and I chat over periodic coffees about movies and shows. Movies used to be events, social gatherings, debate clubs.. I used to see EVERYTHING that came through this town, sometimes even stuff that only screened half a day's train-ride out. Now I've had 4 free tickets for weeks and not much allures me. It's not because of the downloads - I've never had much problem knowing what's way better on screen. There were movies I'd go see 2o times in a row. There's so much people wanna say within those 100 minute frames, spending hundreds of millions of dollars (I mean - GOD!?) on sets and costumes that are on display for 5 seconds... But shows, lately, and more and more I think, suddenly attract way better cats, writers and approaches and take their time to introduce characters, explain, show of, deviate, twist, let the story grow with times and audience.. All of a sudden you want someone else's life to be happening alongside of yours, screen constantly on, grateful it's there and not yours. And for every show that goes bad after three or four seasons, lately three or four new ones enlist...

Uh, it's getting late and I still have work to do and I am able to go on for a while. To be continued... For sure :p