Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Grandma on high voltage

Drama in the House of Grandma continues. The absurd thing is, in this family, there are so many truths, people will be able to swear upon anything what they believe is true. I am certain my gran thiks is 100% certain of what she's saying. It is not the first story I've had to try and untangle, that has it's own parallel Universe twin.
               Since pretty much everyone refuses to deal with her and somone is bound to report her to the police for extortion and forgery, I'm off to bargain repeatedly in the audience of yet another retirement home employee.. I hope it doesn't rain. I don't have a car, so I'm going to have to do it all on foot. Godsbless for fishing and cooking dailies in Dalaran, sometimes you needn't even leave the city... Real world has such big teeth.
              Truth is I feel sorry for grandma too much to take any side, even if she is utterly delusional (and I don't think she is, I have a sneaking suspicion they are ALL right). Her hysterical declarations have alienated most of her family and no amount of reasonable talk, professional help or legal certificates can convince her that NO, nobody just *tricks* another into a sale around here. It takes a few years and countless visits to the legal clerks to go through all details.. The clerks made sure of that, it's their cash camel. But the sticky bit is, it doesn't matter what I do, she won't be convinced. And if she didn't have the capability to take things waaay too far, this would all just be funny. I don't even know if I'll be able to solve anything today..I always go in ready to bully sombody but always get tired halfway through.

On a related subject, I watched Crank 2 yesternight and laughed out loud first time in eons! It takes a lot for a show or movie to make me chuckle. Kung Fu Hustle is perhaps one of the rare movies I laugh at all the time. The non-terminal violence comedy. Crank is shot in such an absurd camera, such an absurd story and such absurd performance (Bai Ling radioactive as ever :D), it's fantastic.. I'm amazed actors are willing to do things like that! I only made it up to that ludicrous sex scene on the horse track, but I've seen plenty. I'm making it officially this week's favorite movie :D

Isn't it something, to live your life on such fast forward? One wonders what is better - fast and furious or that of the Zen monks, so slow and uneventful that it feels 400 years going? A wiseass mate once told me something very clever about that, but I forgot what it was and the place on the wall where I wrote it down for posterity got painted over during a redecoration.. Such wisdom, lost to vanity of a smoochy place :p


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