Friday, 2 October 2009

Having ridiculous ambitions is half the victory..

My first photo shoot is on Tuesday. I have no idea what I'm suppose to do :S

Taking pictures of models with favorable light and nobody throwing stones at me seems so odd? What is the story going to be? A pretty lady is going t do what I say, but she will be entirely unimportant. The person in the portrayal will be anonymous and un-alive. Synthetic beauty and evidence of my craft will be in light and grain.

Did I mention I have to do this with two tiny faulty cameras and a couple of construction spotlights? Not that it makes much difference - I'm fairly certain I'd feel equally detached if I had to walk into a fancy studio and assistants would be handling me the tools of the trade like I was a surgeon.

I'll let you know when I get as far, how it compares...

LOL. There were times when I was grateful for any sitter and would just enjoy taking 200 shot in one room. There were probably thousands and thousands of pics of my ex husband, before one delete button later they were all gone. I don't even remember if they were any good. Just because they were sentimental..

I hope I handle this one well - for my sake. If everyone will be nervous and will sniff my fear, it can get messy. I wouldnd't want my first shoot to discourage me - because it could. Piček's having me on a two-day diet from painting the panels, seeing I'm nervous because they're not as easily done as I would want. I'm working on the idle bookmarkers and collecting herbs (at the same time) with my DeathKnight. Pretty much everyone is still ill, otherwise I'd hand them the grunt work :)