Sunday, 4 October 2009

...more Beehive Panels

After the two-day no-work diet, doodling with the 'bookmarks', playing WoW and drinking my coffee smoothies - last ice coffees of the season :'( - I am back to painting the panel designs. Outside I get the whole nature's show - morning mists, daily drizzle, fine Indian summer afternoons and evenings that smell of fried chestnuts and sound of chatter.

I draw these completely spontaneously, usually while Piček is powerleveling me through instances and I have to wait in the corner so as not to get eaten, trampled, poisoned, frozen or all of the above..

I've gone two ways with the two new panes: one of my city, with an old map, the castle and compass, done in almost none typical way for the Beehive Panel style... whereas the second is almost exactly like an original would be. (I haven't aged it either.) Though I employ far more perspective and space composition that there should be, and more living gestures, more color and a direct theme. Because I still have no idea what plastering them onto the actual wooden plates and then lacquering them with aging chemicals will do to additionally 'age' them, I'm leaving the 'Vine harvest' one intact.



It's not entirely finished yet, this last one, as I am not yet exactly certain what I want to do with the castle and what the flag over town will say, but I love the way ink from the compass melted.. I was watching Fringe 'Night of Desirable Objcts' at the time, hehe. What a name for a lure!