Wednesday, 28 October 2009

LOOOOL  Nathan Fillion's character in his latest show, the lovably obnoxious crime fic writer Castle dresses up in Mal Reynolds costume for Halloween :DDDD And his teenage daughter comments 'Didn't you wear this like five years ago?'  So cute! :D

Shows this week were surprisingly good. Some are still on trial period, so it's hard to decide if they're just warming up or if these are the last struggling gasps of an aged marathon runner (say, Stargate Universe), but some ( kmm kmm *Lie to Me* kmm) are very very good. I've gotten as far as 'Light' for SG-U and 'Grievous bodily harm' in Lie to me. I finished the True Blood's second season, turned on by the obvious choice of lusty interest, and showed Dogville, the fast-forward version + the finale to Piček, who has banned me from watching such cruel films until my nightmares stop and am now on a diet of Kung Fu Panda and Family Guy.