Sunday, 25 October 2009

On music, plastic cutlery and orange food.

Ahhh, Sundays... I can sleep in late ('till, like, seven!! :D), I get to molest Piček (who has three stages of waking up: the cushy, horny, funky stage, when he's super nice; the half awake stage in which he's super grumpy, and the almost fully awake stage, in which he's trying to make me go back to sleep :P), I make us milky coffee and cushy breakfast, I put the things to the washing machine and shower with my teeth clattering... So nice :D

I've thought about why I don't like music in rooms like these... I know some people who always have music playing, who wake up and turn the player on.. But I am far too into silence. Maybe noises from the street. Music takes the room, it dictates the certain mood. selecting it would be too much of a bother for me and then the room would be smaller and fuller. I like my rooms big and bright. Oddly enough, though, I far prefer falling asleep with the lights on and listening to Piček play WoW once he's downed 4 Red Bulls and still has a level to clear. He tucks me in, tickles my hair, kisses me and leaves me dissolved over a pillow like Edko over his favorite shoe, and the fastest way for me to go is with lights fully on and noises.

This is from my earlier adulthood. My sister used to live a much noisier life, there's be bangy sounds, loud movies, horrific band discographies booming way into the night and all my jobs usually involved getting up at 4. It made college dorm feel incredibly dull by comparison. Any later when I'd live with my parents, if someone was walking around at night, trying to do so soundlessly, I couldn't sleep at all. Talk loud, play TV or games, have a party next door and I'm well off. I could probably sleep like a baby on a Metallica concert.

A friend and I often compared phobias and other idiotic habits and tried to figure out why I do stuff compulsively. Like, I never eat orange food. I always leave the orange bits on the side of the plate. That one remains a mystery. Why I prefer plastic cutlery is because I have bad teeth and metal ones make me feel vulnerable. And why I always leave some food on the side of the plate, even if it's not orange - because I always ate opposite of my mum till I moved out and she is a tad spoiled and would always find something wrong with her meal and leave food aside (in her defense, she's got a great figure), so in my mind that's the way having a meal is done.

It's so fun being an artist. You can afford loads of weird things and people just shrug at you. "Sorry, I'm hard into a creative period, I cannot really function properly in the Real world..."