Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Photo shoot got delayed (can't say I am too disappointed, I kind of really didn't feel prepared... I seem to be in that stage of life where just throwing myself into a situation and seeing what I can make of it is no longer enough.. I want to be a little more in control. I want to be a lot more educated :) so I'm painting another panel.
             My dad told me these three stories he once wrote, calling them 'independence' stories - it's stuff he remembers from the IIWW and rural tales.. Great stuff, just very... hard core. I am not a fan of stuff with dead people in them and even less of people being mean. There was a story which I remembered altogether differently, about a bull that's sold for slaughter and the whole village sees it off as part of the communal ritual - a nice thing. It's not what the story turns out to be about, though - in truth (I called him last night and he told it to me again), the bull was maltreated by a jealous hand (bulls those days had all the fun when cows needed to be inseminated, now it's just a routine job for the vet's syringe). So the day when the pull was in the procession to be sold off for slaughter, he tore off of the chain and paid back to the hand for all the torture... Nothing was left much of the man. Dad was very specific about the entrails hanging off the bull's horns :S

I have four errands to run today, but I can't remember all. I swear, I am SO distracted... I seriously need an assistant, because I am capable of forgetting why there's an empty cup in my hands and I'm standing in the middle of the kitchen. Of course when it comes to painting, I can see what I must do it absurd detail. When it comes to my work, I am as sharp as a hatchet. 

Today is the 6th. I was supposed to have 5 by tomorrow and I already have five, but I will make another, in case on turns out to be unusable. Then it's the hard part time...

Ah, I just remembered what I forgot :)  And just on time, too.. Thank you, brain. There's hope for you, yet :p