Monday, 26 October 2009

Yay, second season of True Blood downloaded just as I got up!... I love stories taking place in Louisiana, I love the colors, the trees, the clothes and of course that sexy black magic in the air. Always wanted to live there and if I ever come into money I'll build myself a house not entirely unlike that of here portrayed Maryann. Spacious, simplistic, full of art and a nice cooling garden that'll feel like it could be in Caribbean or Greece or Spain.. I'm fairly certain I'd fuss and be out of my mind thororgh the entire building process and Piček would just let me be, knowing I am never happier then when I creatively fuss :D

Uu, forgot to mention yesterday - my momma got such pretty porcelain coffee cups for her retirement, really posh stuff (it comes from the studio that offered a set to the English Queen when she was visiting, but I'm not saying this to drop names, I'm just saying it's really pretty, even in my jealous opinion :p) Only thing I hold against the couple that makes them, is they keep giving the sets such fancy French sounding names, as if they were embarrassed to be from around here. It turned my stomach when Trump's latest trophy wife did the same thing - denied her origins and made herself appear Austrain. Austrian, for the love of all that's gardened and yoddelly!

No idea when I turned so patriotic, lol, but my father will be very proud :) I never know whether to be happy when he's amazed at what nice things I am able to produce, or be upset that he's amazed I can make nice things. Slippery slope, that, fatherly love. :p