Friday, 30 October 2009

Ha, am almost out of debt. Almost, almost. No, okay, I still over loads to the printers and haven't enough to meet the next month's tax, but I paid off a major bill today and as far as I can tell, I won't be getting sued this week yet :p Parents put me in a stupid spot with sis, saying one thing to me and another to her regarding the same piece of finance - *always* the slippery slope - but they paid for the trip tomorrow and we'll have enough to fuel the car, change the oil and buy some of dad's favorite meat products from his favorite butcher. Wish more people would come along :( It's bound to be a lovely trip :)

My next commission ought to pay off next week, earning me a toner printer - just in time for me to be able to mail the exhibition invitations! Woot! :D

Off to help Piček fix the flood now. The TV we got is keeping him so bedazzled (Buttons! What is it about men and remotes?) that we managed to flood the bathroom meanwhile. Ah, well.. World's in balance, I suppose :p