Monday, 19 October 2009

It is getting ridiculously cold... And by ridiculously cold I mean we haven't really got the doe to heat this place (downside of having a big studio - a bitch to cool in summer burn and a bitch to warm up in winter freeze), so I'm sitting fully dressed in triple socks, nursing a piggie (what we call a hot water bottle clad in a soft toy), drinking buckets of steaming tea and stuffing myself with chocolate. Calories rule!!! I found one of my mum's mega jumpers.. Wool 5 cm thick :D She was a tiny woman, she looked good in humungus outfits..

I've found such a cute template pallate that i'm doing another "web site" like blog just for the finished picks.. This one will be personal and utmost updated :P and the other will be kind of professional. Piček says he's told me so months ago, but I just need to come to things on my own terms...
      I'll have to make a decision today to allow someone else's comic book to become part of the projects... I need to decide on exactly how principled I intend to remain. I'm not signing up for anything Christian or pornographic or political. There's plenty delightful art out there for me to invite into my circle and steer clear of gruesome and cash-only. I'm not THAT cold yet.