Friday, 16 October 2009

Uh. Spent the last day running around; 'twas sunny and freezing my nuts off and I messed up the afternoon with my advocacy for life again.

             First I drove to the town with the super scary thermal power plant, where my exhibition will be in two weeks. Very cute setting, old town, delightful gallery, great place for getting started. Very nice woman who's setting me up, as well.
             Was so nervous I forgot most of what she gave me to help me arrange thing. I'm THAT whacked, yes. Off to the post office soon, to collect what she's mailed after me..
             Piček's mum had her birthday lunch and I ate till I could barely move - I notice I no longer have the absurd glutton's stamina, even though I seem to have the body of one. So not fair. A 5 year old out-ate me!
            Driving home, though, Piček mentioned he's going hunting next Sunday and although I swore to make an effort and not fuss about this one things he likes to do, it got into a nasty argument and I cried most of the rest of the day...
             I just can't think about him, in the company of men he dislikes, hunting poor foxes and the like, chasing them, frightening them and then shooting them, just so that they can brag and get drunk and think NOTHING of what they're doing. Righteous pricks. Yes, if there's an animal doing grave harm to nearby farms. Yes, if he really went for the serenity of a kill, alone, convinced.. But with these arrogant old beer-drinking, mean farts, just so that they can exterminate everything alive in the forest... Thinking themselves MEN for that, bragging with corpses, posing in bad photos in family albums.. I cannot stand that. This is the one subject we cannot agree upon. No matter how hard I try. I try to respect his passion and every time it comes up or I find myself near another 'hunter', I lose it.
             Then again he says he hasn't killed anything since we started dating in May 2008.
             So... Go me..