Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Maintenance day, so I'm turning myself on by browsing the current camera market... It's cold and it won't be light enough to draw (yes, I'm drawing again; I've managed to finish three card designs yestereve, though the third one is fickle and refuses to come out the way I want it. I want it clear and minimalistic and it seems dull but if I add anything, my basic idea is gone :D Fickle fickle fickle)

My skill and ambition have been upgraded, so I need a camera that'll keep up - in this case even lead a little. I don't just like the Mark III because of the way its name sounds, (same way my favorite gun is called CheyTac), but it's the Aphrodite of cameras to date - flawless by moral criteria. Of course by the time I can afford it there will be a Mark IX out and I'll be able to have cushy wishes all over again :D Wishing rulz!

I read about a lens - a small, cheap, plastic thing, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II, practically useless for anything else, but ideal for studio portraiture. I've never cared for specific lenses before. One-size-serves-all was usually a way to go, as I was far more often on the field than indoors - and who the heck would carry around TWO lenses? Porky used to live in a sock.  

I think I'm starting to understand how DeviantArt hits work... Will get right on it :D

The Dollhouse episode about Priya/Sierra was kind of cool - just enough of the annoying lead and plenty of the odd Nepalese beauty - at the moment my favorite kind of beauty..

The other day we had a fight again, Piček and myself, about how no matter how much I do, we simply don't make any money (NOT actually true, but I was being a jerk, so.. In those moments I need to make things worse before I can start feeling better). Supposedly gran is bringing me quite some today, for selling the cards, but that's gypsy logic - she's bringing me more money than I gave her cards to sell. It's hard to decide what to do with it... Reasons against taking it are a) it'll be thrown in my face at some point, b) I'll put myself in the family money feud again, c) I don't want it and reasons for it are a) I need it, b) I miss gran and c) it will be less dramatic if I play along than if I refuse it... Drama.

An old colleage from the army duty days is offering me a few commissions - she wants call cards, a logo and a book... Call cards would pay for the printer toner, logo would pay for my 'manager offers' and the book.. well... if paid, the book will pay for the camera. Which is probably good enough proof it's too good to be true.

The 'manager offers' are a part of the argument - Piček and will each try two completely new ways of selling stuff.. So I've written this letter... Small, heartfelt, cutesy friendly letter about the greeting cards and coming X-mas season.. Traditions, cooked vine, scent of cinnamon in the air... I plan to make it look really original and send it to about a 100 big firm managers and suchlike - folk who are bound to need cards for the employees. You never know. It just might work...