Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Page markers and coooolllldd cold mornings

I had to wash mum's jumper, it was making me sneeze like a kitten - NOT something you want while trying to be sexy... Of course hitting the bed passionately and then realizing we both have freezing feet and first need 20 minutes of thawing also isn't the official part of smoochy.
            I've made about 15 or so page markers - something I finished last night because my gamecard expired and nobody was really in the mood to go purchase new ones. Shouldn't slack, though, I need the darn Trick or treats! All Saints is coming up, my second favorite part of the year (right after midsummer) and hopefully the cards will sell. We're gonna go on with another batch off the printer, accumulating debt but also furthering our sell strategy... I hope. It also means I'm gonna have to drive to my father's birth village on the other side of the country to pay my respects and tend to the graves. We used to do that every year together, but now it's my duty. Kinda weird, that place... I know so many stories and do see the village as it once was, but these days its just a village, a tiny town or suburbs and grandfather Shandor's brick factory and my father's birth-house are near debris. I'll take pickies whilst there, you'll see what I mean.

I've tried using eye drops for my weary eyes last night (of course that was yet another dramatic scene, Piček pushing me down, trying to do what I asked him to do... My eyes really do put up a fight). Not sure if there was any effect. It bothers me, because if I nap after lunch, I am perfectly fit to stay up to burn the midnight oil, but then the eyes start to complain. Maybe I shouldn't try to take medicine, maybe I should try taking the hint..

These are some of the page markers. I'm publishing the lot on the NINOVELA blog site :p