Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wishlist du jour

Things I really really need.

Well, no, okay, things I really really want, but to an egomaniac, that's not much of a difference..

A camera. Preferably a Mark.
Kindle. Not vital for my perseverance, but vital for my reading lately, as all the books I want to read are downloaded and I hate reading off the comp_screen.
A very good electrical drawing board.
A very good (versatile) drawing and photoshop program. Or at least the key for it, as I've downloaded about a dozen and cannot crack them. Hacker I am not. Though, hey, I nearly finished writing the code for my own blogger template. I wonder if it'll be the end of the world?
Maybe a gun. But not really. Maybe definitely the Maine Coon. :D

I think the reason I want some of these things is not so much to become their proud owner, but because they bring along a certain responsibility that changes their surroundings. Camera would make me take pictures again, full throttle, photoshop and drawing panel would teach me a whole new style of drawing, the cat would make me clean up my desk more often :P And what is more cushy than lying on a sofa, embraced with your  love, wrapped in a blanked like a falafel, watching evening news, and a wolverine purring on your thighs, demanding to be tickled behind the ear, cutting off your femural circulation... :D   In the end it all  comes down to how you go to bed in the eve. :P