Saturday, 17 October 2009

One long Saturday

It's been ages since I've been to a posh restaurant!

Morning stared out pretty hectic.. there was some good diggydiggy and then instantly the haste of me showering and Piček getting junior.. And as soon as we collided, we rushed forth to sis's place to dismantle the front door lock. It needed changing. Gran refused to return the keys, so instead of living in constant dread, we decided to change all locks... Yes. Gran is THAT scary.

Piček easily handled the lock and we all drove uphill to give some exhibition opening texts to mum (she's a critic, so she passes time by opening exhibitions.. It's why as a child I have more quality hours in exhibitions than kindergarten. I always deemed them the ultimate events: you get the music, the food, the lesson in art and the art itself.... And of course the aloof sense of detachement from regular audience. Otherwise I might have felt threatened by some of the work.)

Next was the installation of the posher lock, the kind that stays in place even after the rest of the door's been blown out and it was kind of great driving around in this company: Piček at the wheel, sis riding shotgun, me at one window, Maggie at the other and junior in between... plotting where we could go X-mass shopping..  Vienna? Belgrade? What would be more wild and had better museums? :p

Finally Piček, junior and myself drove to a restaurant, meeting Piček''s birthday mum and the rest of the family. I think because of junior I felt completely a part of them, otherwise I might have felt a little bit like a guest on trial still.. The soup we began with was bad, so I was worried it may prove to be a mistake, but as it was pumpkin season, the marinated meat and veggies (pumpkins! :D) and gravy were amazing.. But nothing compared to deserts! Kids had mousse and adults had fruits-of-the-forest ice-cream in these delightful place/bowls and strong coffee so we didn't all pass out... It was SO good. Honestly, best out-door meal I've had in ages.. Worth the load of money lady paid.. 
Ultimately we drove back home, the boys did math homework and I transcripted some of Piček's work stuff. My wrist hurt. I haven't written by hand in too long.. Am getting Sepp illiterate, lol..
Bit of WoW and Ugly Betty later, and present bloggie, I am ready to bug my honey for some more diggydiggy.
But man does red Bull make me sleepy :S