Thursday, 1 October 2009

I should get my biorhythm in order... With Piček working nights, I nap with him around noon, meaning I'm not sleepy enough to go to bed at 11 and I stay up till he's ready to go to work at 3.. I'm turning into a total night owl :S And this is me, the chicken sleeper. If this continues, I may want to purchase a decent false light, ere I drive myself blind with these cheap bulbs.
             One of the beehive panels is way more delicate and detailed than I would like and is taking me much longer, but I am just tired when it's 11 (my time to definitely stop fooling around and get some rest), not *sleepy*. Piček is too sick for me to wake him up and have sex, which, the way he does it, exahusts me plenty. I've spent 2 hours doing the Skeleton key chain to get the key for Scholomance. I always liked the sound of that place and never bothered to do the chain.
             Also noticed that the director's cut of Abyss is much prettier than the cinematic version. Makes much more sense, too...