Saturday, 26 September 2009

The autumn shows have started

yeesh, the shows that we've been waiting for all summer are back with a vengeance. I've felt like ODing on old friends for the past few days. It's a whole new thrill, having them delivered a week at a time, after being used to downloading 5 or 8 seasons in one go. Plus there are so many new ones I have to try out (Flashforward, Eastwick...), I needn't even have measure. I can just skip all the scenes with Katherine Heigl (God that female is annoying), switch between Fringe and Bones to prolong both and decide I'm no more interested in any new ABC production than I was in Lost. The only thing I cannot bring myself to watch further is Heroes. I've gotten as far as... Hm... I think better part of the second season and as shaggable as that ugly guy that grows on you and everyone loved in Star Trek is, the whole plotline is just too much. Better luck next year.

Hm, and nearby to that, I've started designing my book and realized I have enoughtmaterial for a monography as it is. Prime time I start going around bumming people for my own shows.

Working on bookmark designs just to spend paper. Two more days of leisure, then it's hard back to work on the beehive wood plates. The money stuff.