Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Piček's suffering a toothache and is all grumpy and bubbly :( If we ever had kids, they'd be bummed for teeth, as between him and myself I don't think we have 5 flawless samples. My accountant is gonna be after me today again, angry because I can't meet my taxes yet (not ENTIRELY my fault - I did earn plenty, people just haven't put it on my transactions yet... Official business methods suck :S)

I've downloaded the entire West Wing, which took a month, but on top of that, I've found a 23 giga Blueray Director's Cut Bladerunner... I HAVE to have that one. That's not even a movie anymore, it's a monument.

And I've run out of shows to download, having two terra discs filled up in four months and ALL of Miyazake's cartoons in two languages on any of them.. Waiting for new stuff to finally start rolling..
Doing my Dalaran cooking and fishing dailies as I wait. Dromi reached the money limit on a character, I think 208.000 gold, where she's unable to loot anymore.. My record is 1418, I think... But I keep purchasing pets and shiny things *guilty big eyes*