Friday, 18 September 2009

New fridge! :D

Hah! Got the new fridge! It's giant and silver and shiny and brand new! :D Have you ever seen anything so pretty run of electricity and filtered water?? :D

But seriously. This is one of the trillion reasons why I love Piček so much... The freezer box starts to drain power because it broke and we're paying a fuckload of money we haven't got and instead of crying and commiserating (my preferred first choice in depressing RealWorld circumstances), he does the math: we have a 5 year old refrigerator, a 15 year old freezer and a bill of 60 euro for power we're not using. Why don't we simply purchase a combined unit that will consume less than both new ones and the monthly slip for the purchase will be less than the original bill..

I have to learn how to do that long-term thingie. It's such a drag, being mentally historic.