Monday, 21 September 2009

Yeesh I'm sleepy :S

Been sorting the cards all day. It's time for the new wave, the autumn set of the wee Ninovelas and as the national post office is my No.1 demand, they make the rules: everything is in foil shirts, everything has their own code, printed especially for the PO, labeled over the original coding system I use to track the sales... Lucky thing I am really into sorting and packing and labeling (been my favorite part of my postgirl days, which is also lucky, as I had the second biggest region in household amount and would have to come to work an hour early just to be able to finish as soon as the rest. (Some had a third of what I had, but their regions would be wider spread in mileage. I got the easy, cushy one mileage-wise as mine were mostly skyscrapers and once you've learned the names on all busted mailboxed in the dark hallways of those, it got sandbox(y :D) ....).... On a related, hehe, funny story - one of the rare lies I've uttered and then apologized for profusely to my future husband was, when I walked into my new and immediately got handled to the controller (kind of 'conductor', the manager of the hive), he asked me one question adn one vital question only: You're good with the bike, right?... And I said... *ughhh* Definitely! Rode it all through college!

              Course I've never even seen a moped up close and mostly hated anything that moved faster than me if I wasn't driving it, save maybe rockets, but it was getting clear there was gonna be no slow entry into the magic of postmen for me and the look on Piček's face as he saw me try to maneuver the moped around the yard was priceless.. Later when I said 'I admit I lied to you once.. I couldn't really ride a moped when we first met', he patted me on the head, saying 'Love, hate to be the one to break this to you, but that was fairly obvious to just about anyone who watched you that day.'
Oki, back to now.. Piček's working nights to earn more money on his end and I'm sorting 20 cards into 50 class I. and class II. posts. I have to wake him up in a couple of minutes and it's usually best to start early, as the first 20 minutes I'll probably be immobile, entangled in the resto druid root trap of his limbs. I love the way he snores when he's on his back. It's like a caramel would snore or a chestnut. I'd press my ear to his chest, but that disturbs him and he jerks and rolls over, usually burrying me underneath..