Wednesday, 23 September 2009

LoL, post-Onyxia-patch WoW is so crowded, the lag it like an hour :D By the time you click 'join battle', you've already won! :D hehe. And I'm unable to do the 'cooking daily' (The one with collecting one cheese and six half empty vine glasses around Dalaran, as both pubs are full of folk on 'ready set go' as soon as any respawn. I'm still unable to paint the hive plaques (at the moment my biggest commission), so I've watched House double episode premiere into the 6th seasons (Good God O.o... Actually makes me wanna go back to the nuthouse :D) and am eagerly waiting for the next Fringeeee.. I miss Noble. I've justv realized I haven't seen any of the Lord of the Rings in almost a year?!!... then again reading all that smutty fan fic kinda ruined it for me.. especially after "Very Secret Diaries".. There was just no way of watching those silly buggers afterwards.

.. Hmmm.. On a related subject, whatever happened to "Looking fo Group"? Richard??

My grandma is up to something again. What oh what could it be this time? Suing mom? I can't help but to worry a bit. I'm supposed to go see her resident shrink tomorrow morning and knowing myself I'll just take it out on him for encouraging her to continue with the demented paranoia. Fucking hate this whole mess. She's so old and so healthy and I honestly cannot stand her, so every time we meet or talk or have coffee or something, I am so impatient and rude and we always fight in the end, usually with me walking out of the cafe... I DO try, but.. With all her impossible ranting and dellusional conspiracies against mum and dad and her statements how she suspects I never loved her and how she hopes she was dead and then we'll see!... That just pisses me off SO badly.. Even if the date starts well and we talk about pleasantries, it NEVER ends well. In 9o% of the cases it's because she's too proud to wear a hearing aid and misunderstands me and when I repeat it louder, she stars yelling at me to stop yelling at her.

I hate old age. NOTHING you can do and all you can do is try to make it as painless as possible. On the nerves.