Tuesday, 29 September 2009

History part II.b

Me, first time on my gypsy mount Cerberrus

Once upon a time, my friend dDaniel, myself and some of our acquaintances conjured up a fable in which our roles would allow us to become larger than life. That would serve for numerous styles in documentation, endless stories and more than some higher learning. dDaniel, the patron God of book thieves and myself, his most infamous and maladroit messenger, would chose which bits of history to research from another perspective. Along the way we'd expand out unit to characters abandoned by stories, left behind or gruesomely executed for righteous reasons. In the end the vast majority died in the great Battle for Startracker, the library city, and we got banished into future without books. But since they had flying machines there and General Sepp kicking our butts on daily basis, it soon became our favorite place. Nothing like a world without books for a paper pagan to put his or her hands together and start establishing publishing houses.

dDaniel and a scene from getting denethor on our side

My shop at the Crossroads of stories
Drawing dDaniel in costumes and roles and nudes and captions was so cool. He was the ultimate cross-dresser, not just between genders, but between species, ranks, even classes of subnatural and supernatural creatures and there was usually always someone completely insane right next to him. The only hardcore realist, one almost never portrayed in any other form but photography, would be my ex husband - the on-going war between the two of them, the fantasist and the realist - was one of the two leit motifs of the books written under the banner Zurnizip.

One of the early designs for my personal banner. The motto was 'Live to tell the tale'.