Friday, 25 September 2009

Things I truly love

1) Clean paper. The paper that's never been touched before and it's not just stuff I'm gonna draw on - it's also the crisp magazines, brand new books, posters, even newspapers and spam straight from the printers. I am in awe of what magnificence can find foundation on such a simple thing as paper. Anywhere, any time.
2) The mate. Not just the warm body that spoons and tussles and fools around and wrestles and pecks and caresses.. The person that makes everything seem bearable and the good stuff worth doing. The unbelievable comfort in moment when you truly run out of courage and hope and they don't patronize or ignore you, but know you and know how to slowly take you out of despair and then take the wheel for a little while.
3) Information. All kinds. Visual, audio, small thoughts, long letters, new books, encyclopedias, newspapers, ...... everything is interesting to me.
4) Gibli studio productions.
5) Good food. Especially sweets. I think that having a really good meal in a cool place with someone you love is the pinnacle of existence. Nothing else is so simple, random and perfect. But it can't be pushed. 

You have to understand, tho, that Sei Shonagon wrote the Pillow Book - and that is a powerful book - on the subject - about the thousands of things that simply make one act like a happy village idiot and they each come to people on their own terms. Books may mean nothing but waste to another and to me they are like the seventh element. Someone might put great stock to a smile, I prefer to know the terms of tears.  There are people who have never heard of manga, but then again I couldn't fix an airplane either. In fact I had a colleague like that. A simple man, heart of gold, who has never been anywhere, never read anything, never spoke to anyone he wanted to meet and we would spend hours and hours at night, on guard duty, talking about Greek Gods and famous paintings he found awfully amazing and by day he's fix planes.