Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Story with Beorn cookies in it

One of the more ridiculous stories on my part is the story with Beorn cookies in it. At the time still a young and not versed in worldly ways, I decided to abuse my powers of travelling through random stories and pay a visit a character that intrigued me for a very long time. This was Beorn, from Hobbit. I wanted to learn how to make his honey cookies. Of course Beorn is a very private person and it took a me while to negotiate one lesson and eventually he allowed me to give it a try with his honey. No, this is not a porn story, this is actual honey I'm referring to, from bees.
         In the next scene, Beorn's kitchen is a bit sooty and he is extremely pissed off. I am grounded and may not leave until I've cleaned the mess I've made of his home up. dDaniel starts to miss me and comes to my rescue and Beorn says to him he will release me if dDaniel manages to eat a single one of my biscuits.
         Need I explain the rest? It was a time before my pastry school.