Sunday, 20 September 2009

Poker night (if you don't wanna be a loser, then quit playing like a jerk!)

I hate losing :(

I did everything right. I googled all the rulz. I read the history on Wikipedia. I listened to Lady Gaga 140 times. I practiced my 'village idiot' look in every reflective surface that failed to flee me and I ate nothing but poker foot for HOURS beforehand, and still i lost :( In my defence, however, I DID tell everyone around I always win and my co-players were taking it especially hard out on me.

*eye* *heart* Texas Hold'em. *HearT*

Sitting down behind that huge desk with Edko to keep a watchful eye over us, snacks all around, cold coke, cigarette smoke, the kid farming saronite in the back, Cuban music from the pub across the street, mutant spiders catching mosquitoes and the sound of chips coming and going... This time mostly going...

Now... Bare in mind that my sister is a naaaaasty player - she's had to play against our mum her whole life and our mum is murder. (Tho in Tarok, not Poker. 'Why I don't do Tarok). Piček, naturally, is the sort of a player you read about in fantasy novels - the kind that looks he's about to maul you if you cross him and probably the second strongest reason why I don't steal chips while others are doing faces at the fish.. First being then it just wouldn't be as much fun.

And Maggie was a pro for years, so..

The mean, genuine *poker* look being taken, as well as the master reader/bluffer and my sister, the only role available was the village idiot. For some reason I am a natural for that one... And When i play well, I really play well, but of course sometimes I'm just an idiot and I don't pay attention until I am literally down to one chip. And I'm not saying one with three digits on it, one with the digit ONE on it. THEN I start playing as I should and I linger in the game for another hour, until finally I run out of luck as well as wit.

Then I cry.

I am such a sour loser .. Hihihi. But next time, surely next time, I shall win again!!!!