Thursday, 24 September 2009

More on racism

Watched first bit of District 9. Jesus fuck.

We are SO messed up as species. No wonder nobody ever comes to say hello. We are CONSTANTLY on the verge of being exploitative, violent, degrading, abusive, just plain mean towards others, we only won't do it cause it's currently out of fashion. Given the slightest permission, we would take it all out with a vengeance. Just imagine something like all green eyed peeps would suddenly be declared slaves - no real reason, just some political/economical bullshit there always is, and we would all have one, or two. Not a day would pass that half would be gruesomely maltreated and with time, all. The romantic notion how in the times of Romans all Greeks were household slaves to the extent of being almost parts of the family, is complete bull. Anything that we are not afraid of, we abuse and everything that we can make profit off, we forego all morality and kindness. Personally, if I had a spaceship that I could bring to Earth, I'd get as far away from here as possible. They would a) shoot at me, b) kill me and take the ship, c) demolish the ship and d) make weapons out of everything, including plant fertilizers. Forget medicine, forget higher learning. Nobody is interested in what we could give another world, we're all just thinking, either intellectually, spiritually, economically or violently, "What's in it for me?"

We deserve to be all alone in space.