Saturday, 12 September 2009

Went to see Public Enemies last night, the latest Mann movie. I liked his Miami Vice version oodles and I appreciate the experimenting with unconventional camera techniques and almost too realistic shooting scenes. Still. What was cute and well measured in M. Vice was starting to get annoying here... A little TOO much 'documentary' framing for my taste, bad lighting and painfully close-ups. And sure, the shooting scenes are still scary, but half an hour each is plenty.. Did appreciated his casting, tho. The 'Cochi Loco' guy is always welcomed and it was good to see Leelee Sobieski alive and well, although she seems to have taken 'tall women are sooner to get ahead' too seriously and she is not 11 ft tall. Lead girl was a fresh step from the tired H'wood routine a-la-Aniston or Paltrow or Johanssen. And last but not least was miss Katič. You don't see many of the old Yuga folk break through and she kicked bootie as the gypsy tom in Black Cat White Cat. Am happy for her.

There's a scene where marshals bring the caught (lost count which time it was) Dillinger to Indiana with a plane and they carry their guys as proudly as samurai would their swords. Those were some lovely pieces, too. The one used in the shooting scene in the orchard, where the Purvis character is introduced, is poetry to shoot with indeed. Piček's hunting weapon of choice.