Friday, 25 September 2009

Things I truly hate

1) People who park badly. It's so much worse if they have ridiculously show-off cars
2) Filth. Like dirty bathrooms or restaurants or beds or things I have to touch. It turns my tummy and brings me down. I think that's the result of going to Africa right after I passes my 'Microbiology in gastronomy' exam. If I could work in a sterile lab, I'd be SO happy.. Curiously, tho, I am okay with untidiness. In fact folding my clothes and putting them in drawers seems less okay than piling them around various stools and shelves
3) People who need fans. That just turns me off completely. Having friends or folk to chat with over cake and morning coffee is so cool, but then you get folk who yearn to accumulate people around tem to talk about themselves and should such a person - even tho they never liked them, really - decided they've had it, these will do ANYTHINg to get them back. Such is their terrible need for an audience and feed-back.
4) Drunks. A definite no-no. I won't even deal with my brother when he is drunk. For all the positive things I can think of about alcohol, I would sooner find compassion for a heroin addict.
5) People letting me wait. Especially if they offered a deal or proposed cooperation - and when my end turns up on schedule, they only meet me if they really need something, otherwise they slide into 'changing their mind'.. That makes me want to never deal with them again.