Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ladies underneath Umbrellas

I've been working on these for a while now. There were days in Kathmandu too hot to rumble and everybody else stayed indoors under fans (the flappy ventilating kind, not the screaming, bra flailing, face-to-windshield kind), so myself, a creature of heat that makes blacktop melt, went out to entertain myself in the current of locals. By then Porky (my loyal camera), has already soccumbed to the relentless field pressure I've been putting her against in these past few years and I hated the quality of the picks I've taken once I brought them back to the room for inspection.. But I've learned better since.
The idea began when I noticed all the ladies of Kathmandu care for a fairer complexion and because I am milky white with freckles on top, I can afford to find that absurd. I did, however, notice the side effect of this ambition - the sheen under their umbreallas made for the most beautiful of chiaroscuro. I parked under the least in-the-way spot on a small intersection in the old town I could find, turned my 'invisibility photie mode' on and took about 3oo pickies right then and there..I've continued to look for the faces under parasols made of plastic and polyester ever since. Till I can actually afford the infamous Nikon D90, which would make all flawless, I'm distorting the batch to make it look like it's from the 1940's saigon or something :D