Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dark chocolate with salt from Sečovlje Salt fields

Toothache aside, I got a  d a r k chocolate with s a l t  in it.

I'll say that again. We have these salt fields in our country - they are a part of the national heritage and can be quite picturesque.

For a while nobody really cared and they've nearly gone obsolete, but finally some PR genius started this whole program with a new slogan and new production line and suddenly they are amazingly popular and in my book some of the best gifts that aren't books to adults ever. They don't sell just salt in these neat little sacks, they have a whole array of semi-related items, all under the line:

Salt is the sea that didn't get to return to the skies.

Their wrap up is this black and white photos and black text on slightly eldish looking white paper with red punch lines in Georgia font. Here, I'll show you.

Sorry pickies aren't better, they're not mine (I think they're from their expo, I just got the off the web). But you get the concept.

Anyhoo, my elder bro and his lady gave me an apron for birthday (yes. I GET the hint) and the chocolate. It says it's with a salt blossom. There was actually a moment when I got totally confused by how we get salt - at the time I was picking grapes and thinking how tiny grape blossoms are and if bees make honey from it as well and what is grape bloom honey like.. And as pepper also comes from a plant, my brain just leapt into an idea of what a salt plant bloom might be.

This chocolate is just curios, though. It's plain dark chocolate, not exactly Lindt, with just tiniest bits of salt in it. I needn't tell you how salt brings out the flavor and if they did it too much, it'd be awful. But it's not. I've had some bizarre chocolate tastings in my time, never one with salt in it however. Great thinking, guys!