Friday, 25 September 2009

On vicious fantasy sex and John Noble

Aaaaaahhh, isn't it wonderful when you wake up and realize the week all your favorite shows will be back is finally here?? :D Fringe actually managed to sneak by me, it's been on Pirate Bay for two days and I didn't register it.. Shame on me. Ah, more John Noble... Everyone else is great, too, of course, but I've had it for that guy since I saw him in Monkey's mask - and in LotR??--- Those issues and *those* table manners?.. My soft spot for the underdog has made my knees weak and if this was the alternate reality, I'd give my right elbow to have that mouth on my clit. Needles to say that in twelve or so books I've written since, an old, insane, gray-haired tyrant has had a prominent and extremely pornographic role in every one of them. Once a decade someone just has such a fundamentally blood-tears-semen comes along and turn me on near permanently. I've had more wet dreams about him than all the rest of the Lotter cast combines and that one had Craig Parker in a blonde wig and tights in it!

But *akhem*. As I was saying. Simple pleasures in 5am-6am life, Wintergrasp battles featuring grand total of five combatants, waking up *without* a toothache and a new episode of a fav show downloaded... throw in my honey coming home from the night shift and morning's complete.