Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Breaking Bad

Hah, I'm starting to watch 'Breaking Bad' - a show about a mid-life crisis, lung cancer terminal, never-been-anyone-more-mundane high-school teacher that decided to do something big before his number is up - get a decent crystal meth lab going. I've gotten as far as the scene where his ex student, now a suburban dealer, and he are discussing boiling flasks (NOT mixing flasks..) and already I've got an urge to put my girls back into some twisted situation where their aloof, experienced and trouble-attracting attitudes would serve me to harvest another story. I haven't written a full fledged adventure since Huda Lučka (translates roughly into 'mean little lamp'. Long story.'
      In Huda Lučka our surviving book thief, exiled from history into the future, now a 'gorgonaut' (A nickname that came with the spaceshipling Gorgo) tried to sit out the storm that she left with selling a collnial supply ship to save the ever-more imposing general, taking jobs as a bounty hunter on 'Horses', the lpanet physically furthest from Aurora still inhabited by humans. That resulted in banishment from the bounty hunter community also, coming into possession of 3o pounds of star feldspar (think Spice from Dune, only less culinary) and hooking up with a soul shepherd that ripped through casinos like an intelligent thought through Edko.  Under the parole supervision of the general, the remaining team of book thieves - namely PK and Fidi, with Tobi, the General and now Gennonsuke, and almost entirely normal Cole, adventures returned back closer to Aurora. Meanwhile PK had to perform some side jobs for the same folk that would have seen her dead, but as that never really took, had her banished, the last of which earned her the nick 'extractor'.

I'm thinking now I'd start something with a blast from the past, some sexy new enemy, that has a lot to do with illegal chemical labs. Say... A place where lots of people are sick and there's just one cure, but it's limited and a certain pancake chef, with the expertise of an alchemist, produce and trade it - just to illustrate the first chapter. And from there on into something vain. :p