Friday, 18 September 2009

It's too late to do anything but wait for P. to go to bed, really.. I didn't wake him from his afternoon nap, so now at 10pm he's all hyperactive. If it was summer, the streets would be a David Bowie video. Friday night - NEVER my time to go out and twirl; it's certainly not in these days - and I've already spent 14 hours on the commission, two hours herbalizing, one hour on the daily battles and fishing and half an hour looking for Signature's corpse as he got kicked off the cliff and out of the battleground, unable to rez................................................................ Am sleepy :S

Hate going to bed alone :( and he and my sis are prospecting mountains of saronite into unimaginable riches. I just like listening to their hammering and *twink!*s. There's something about the sound of smithies that makes me think I must have lived next to one in my previous life..

When I say 'mountains' I mean mountains. They are nothing if not borderline Chinese farmers. (Tho at least Piček employs his son to do it even more zealously.) But I'm barely keeping awake.
My routine has to be in either of the three forms:
a) We go to bed together and snuggle, then spoon, then settle into comfy pose and pass out.
b) He goes in first, in which case we do all of the above, but once he starts breathing heavily and grunting at my caresses, I do my best to sneak off (can take a while, as P. is one of those people who lock onto you when they sleep and go berserk when you try to interrupt them and lock even harder. And this is titan of a guy.)
c) I give in and toddle to bed first, but he has to put me in, tuck me in, caress me, kiss and wait a few minutes till I am sliding under..

I have allowed myself to become completely addicted to this. If I have none of the options, it takes ages to settle down no matter how beat I am.

Waking up is similar, in reverse, and sometimes a whole lot faster. I DO, however, LIVe for the moment when I lie next to him each night. There are several of parts of the day that are just peaks without merit (I could say limit but I prefer the sound of the word merit..) Lying down into the bed next to him.. The first alarm on his phone that wakes us up just enough to make us spoon and doze off again.. Brushing my teeth by the window when he drives off, blinking his lights for me... The hourly calls.. Then when he comes home, having him step through the door just barely before I get stuck onto him like an octopus..

Everything else - the sex, the talks, the meals, the stuff we do together - that's all what a good relationship is made of, but those bits of the day that are just my precious worthless bits of colored glass.. Nobody else's.. Just mine.. Those are the hard chocolate bits in the brownie.