Monday, 28 September 2009

September coming to an end...

Have started the work on the beehive plaques as promised. The first one is of a bee-keeping grandfather telling a story to his grandson. Though I'm not happy with it just yet, I'm getting the hang of it. Basic rules: first -the drawing itself is primitive and inaccurate, but do not underestimate the coloring. Second - do some of the aging yourself and leave some for the photo shop. (Although ye Gods how much I love to splatter :D)

And third: mind the composition, don't overdo the details and make sure the red stays very red. It seemed to have been the only color that preserved itself.

I've spoken to my younger of the older brothers about fashion photography. He may be a slacker in many things, but he sure does know his shooting. I may actually have that drink with him one of these says. One thing I know for a fact, though, is that a) I want to avoid in a wiiiiiiideee circle everyone of my generation that's in this 'fashion photography' scene, because their attitude sickens me  (I grew up with some of them, and the temptation to go see them, meekly, to learn from them and perhaps borrow their gear, may I, please? and  the quietly overtake on the left lane is present.. But I'll pass. In fact I think I'll skip that step altogether.) and b) I need to keep my personal life far away from the professional. I don't mean emotionally, I mean biographically. When people will describe the author of my work, I need them to describe just simple simple author, uncomplicatedly devoted to her work. Not even my name matters. If you like the pics, hire the mind behind the camera. If not, no amount of dropping names and small humorous tid its about my unrelated history should change that. Yes, I was best in my class in pastry school. Yes, I qualified for a sniper in the army. Yes, I once forged the Gutenberg bible in 28 days. It also took me 4 years to reach level 8o on my hunter and even though I have epic PVE gear, I dress in lvl 12 garments and fish coins most of the time, or collect vanity pets. Personal life is just that. Some random geek's life.

A friend dropped by, a painter (I have three of her things, I really like her work), considering going on her own as well. She wanted to hear from me what it's really like and I assured her it's worth the bother. She's of the brother's generation, though, a whole wave of talented people that somehow got lost in pot and commercial ambition. She reminded me I'll need to print invitations for the exhibition and as much as I've panicked the first instant, the wonder of the opportunity hit me the next: what better self-promotion than mailing the invites in the Ninovela cards? Those will be the start of the show anyway. Well done, geek!

On bad notes, Piček is still sick and grandma is molesting the family lawyer, wanting to sue mum. Mum says she'll have her sister exhumed and ban her from the family crypt when her time comes. Ah, the women of my clan. Such drama. One thing about my old age, if I ever catch it - it won't be dull...