Sunday, 27 September 2009

Makes perfect sense that the more and more I am set to become a portrait photographer this month (the passion will flee and then I'll have to wait AGES for it to return again :S) and more and more opportunities to learn, practice and work seem to be coming my way, less and less Porky is able to help me. My camera is all but dead and of course there's no way I am to afford another, unless I steal one, but that doesn't seem right. I have a feeling such a camera would always disagree with me..

There is just ONE rule and one rule only in almost everything one does, all major life decisions and ambitions..

Never. And I mean NEVER
to be

It is the one person whose opinion counts the most and it will almost always hurt your feelings and discourage your intention, making you feel incompetent and foolish.

So skip this step and you'll be halfway to the finishline.