Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Wednesday morning

My routine is bust again, what with maintenance day shut-down of WoW and I cannot do my fishing and cooking dailies (something I have grown so keen on doing it's ajar to start the day without them.. :S) But Octoberfest spawned Brewfest and Brewfest spawned all sorts of bugs, so maintenance is extensive.

My 23G BlueRay Hero downloaded. Gods, SUCH a magnificent movie. Makes me go watch Kieslowski and his Trois Couleurs again (Okay, just Red and Blue and not to be unfair, I watch poor Veronica sinstead of White.. I like White just fine, but I can't stand Julie Delpy), in which the actual colors are only hinted and they follow you around in the subconscience, whereas in Hero there's JUST the color and everything else follows you around in the subconscience. Once again the clarity of portraits and the fierce motivations behind the stories are insane. Simplicity and unity that takes a bucketload of effort.

P.S. Hah, Sidney's been hit by an orange sandstorm. Go sand! (Poor Sidney :(

P.P.S. LOL, I just noticed Julie Delpy plays Erzebet Bathory - the Hungarian nut that though bathing in blood of virgin locals will preserve her looks.. Talk about placebo!